Founded in 1991, Shandong Urban Construction Design Institute is affiliated to Shandong Urban Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive scientific research and innovation enterprise focusing on municipal design and architectural design in Shandong Province. It can provide project consulting, technical research, overall planning, Engineering design, project management, engineering general contracting (EPC) and other full-process services. It is the executive director unit of the Municipal Engineering Design Branch of the China Survey and Design Association and the Architectural Engineering Design Branch. The China Environmental Protection Industry Association's Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technology Innovation Alliance is headquartered in the institute. This year, it was awarded the honorary title of “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Enterprise” with the highest rating of China Environmental Protection Industry Association.  The design institute has engineering consulting, municipal industry (water supply engineering, drainage engineering, environmental sanitation engineering), construction industry (construction engineering) Grade A qualification and urban planning, municipal industry (road engineering, bridge engineering), landscape engineering design, Grade B, etc. A number of qualifications. The Shandong Municipal Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Technology Center and the Shandong Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Center are located in the hospital.  The Design Institute has established a team of high-quality scientific and technical personnel with professional structure, age structure and reasonable knowledge structure. It is the vanguard of urban sewage treatment and domestic garbage treatment in Shandong Province, and is the backbone of the public building design field. It is the Ministry of Construction and the Communist Youth League. The central name is the National Youth Civilization.  The design institute has taken environmental protection as its main task, with urban water supply, sewage treatment and garbage disposal as its main features. It has participated in the completion of nearly 500 projects in Shandong Province. The projects outside the province cover Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia. The provinces have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection in Shandong Province and even the whole country.  As an important part of the development strategy of the strong institution, architectural design has made great progress in various aspects such as planning and design, architectural design, exterior design and landscape design. The market scope has been continuously expanded, and the overall strength has been greatly improved. It has a certain social influence. Ranked among the first in Shandong Province.  With the support of the Urban Construction Group, the Design Institute actively promoted project management and EPC general contracting (Engineer, Procure, Construct), and successively undertaken ten sewage treatment plant projects such as Rushan, Laiyang and Wenshang, and comprehensive development of 35 middle school districts in Jinan. The construction of a number of key projects such as the project and the real estate development project of Lashan Yuyuan, the achievements in this field have been reported by the domestic mainstream media such as the Central News Network, Xinhua News Agency and Construction News.  With the pioneering and innovative, excellence and striving for first-class design concepts, Shandong Urban Construction Design Institute pursues the perfect combination of practicality, scientificity, advancement and characteristics to ensure the high starting point, high standard, high quality and high level of the project.